Adult Transitions to Learning in the USA (PIAAC)

Do adults continue to learn after leaving secondary settings, and how does learning relate to their education attainment? Read our insights into learning gaps with major economic implications.

Adult Learner Leadership in Education Services (ALLIES)

How do adult education programs and learners benefit when adult learners become leaders in the program?

Critiquing Adult Participation in Education (CAPE)

What barriers do adults face to participating in adult education? What solutions do they recommend to get past those barriers?


Align and Redesign Initiative

Since 2014, Research Allies for Lifelong  has provided research and evaluation services to Align and Redesign, an initiative designed to transform adult education systemically.  In 2017, A & R leaders published an evaluation of A & R professional learning in Wyoming, the first state to implement it.

Find More of Our Research

Research Allies for Lifelong Learning researchers have published more than 30 research reports in the past decade or so. Find more of our reports on adult education and transitions research on ResearchGate.


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